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Why LuminoCity?

Who is this Summit for?

If you are hungry for more of God’s Kingdom. If you want to be a light in your families, communities and nations. If you desire to see transformation and revival happening outside the walls of the church. And if you are below 40 years of age and from Asia Pacific, we warmly welcome you to LuminoCity2016!

Who is behind it?

LuminoCity 2016 is the inaugural Asia Pacific Summit for young working professionals below 40 organised by FGB Gatekeepers Singapore. The vision of FGB Gatekeepers Singapore is to transform the culture of nations through discipling men and women for the work of the kingdom of God. We gather to scatter – across the cities and nations of Asia Pacific and beyond!
Tell me more?

This is our generation. One that came of age surrounded by gadgets and the internet, accustomed to instant connectivity and radically new ways of running society. It is also a generation that rejects traditional authority structures and increasingly worships the ideals of self fulfilment and actualisation, which is made all the more evident by the rapid transmission of information in the digital space. LuminoCity is organised to equip Christians to engage and transform this prevailing culture with the values and principles of God’s kingdom. In short, they are to shine as beacons of light in the darkness.

LuminoCity is not a private club to schmooze with the upcoming elites of Asia. It is instead a congregation of Kingdom Ambassadors who gather, to scatter – sent back to their cities to seek the welfare and destiny of their nations. They are called to be ‘willing channels’ for God, disciples who invite King Jesus into their Life, Living and Livelihood. “From the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” As future leaders of government, industry and community, LuminoCity participants are entrusted with a sacred duty to use their talents, positions and careers for the glory of God’s Kingdom.

The ethos of LuminoCity is encapsulated in these four brief points:

1) Intergenerational: Young and Old

We believe in the partnership of generations. Intergenerational mentoring that fuses the wisdom of seniors with the vigour of up-and-coming millennials. Every LuminoCity session brings together young and old alike to hear perspectives shared over intergenerational conversations.

2) Integrational: Life, Living, Livelihood

God’s Kingdom has the power to effect holistic transformation in our nations. Beginning from our personal “Life” (relationship with God), it moves to affect our “Living” (the relationships and moments we share with others) and extends to transform our “Livelihood” (our work and careers). This is how our faith may be truly integrated within our lives.

3) International: Asia-Pacific

We believe that the time is now for God to pour out revival across Asia Pacific. As Asian emerging markets rise and the global balance of power tilts towards our region, Christians must heed the call to do good and to seek the welfare of their nations. LuminoCity equips young working professionals to handle these challenges with the wisdom of the Word of God and the leading of the Spirit.

4) Interdenominational: Together for the Kingdom

We are brought together by a common faith in King Jesus and an allegiance to His Kingdom rule over our lives. Regardless of denomination, LuminoCity brings together believers who are willing to let their lives be used by God as witnesses and change makers in their nations. This is our common goal.